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Cool Math Games For Kids

Playing math games with your kids at homeis an effective and fun way to boost your child’s math skills. Given below are two easy, simple to learn games which will help your child to practice as well as master their math facts, and also learn to count loose change. This is Cool Math Games For Kids


The above game will cost ya, however your children will love it, & see how quickly they will learn the real value of money.

Supplies Required: Any amount of loose change. (Found almost anywhere inside your home – on the desk, on the dresser, in the junk drawer, kitchen counter, etc.) Cool Math Games 4 Kids

Players: One

Playing Instructions: If your kid stumbles upon loose change they could play this game. First you have them identify every coin by value, and by name. After that have them count the coins. If the total comes out correct, they will keep the change. If the total comes incorrect, but they are able to name the coins appropriately they are able to keep half. If none is correct – they will put the change back!

Few Variations: Inspire your kid to save the change for one month, Cool Math Games 4 Kids, supplying them with a piggy bank or jar. At the end of the month, check if they are able count all the changed. (They may require your assistance). Check if they are able to sort the change in whole dollars, & trade the change for dollar bills. Cool Math Games For Kids


Supplies required: 1 normal deck of cards

Players: 2

Cool Math Games For Kids playing Instructions: Who will capture a bigger pile? Shuffle & deal out the complete deck among the two of you. Tell that the face cards are equal to ten and the Ace is equal to one. All remaining cards are equal to their face value. During the same period, each of you will turn over one card. Have your kid add up the sum of these two cards, if she/he is able the answer correct, she/he receives the pile, if not, you receive the pile. Continue this way till all your cards are gone. Add up your piles. The person with the most cards wins Cool Math Games For Kids

Purpose: This will help your kid to master basic math facts & enable her/him to faster recall math facts.

Imp: It would be ideal to take one sharpie marker, & mark “10? on the top of every face cards, & “1? on the Ace. It’s better that your child is actually able to see the #10 and 1. This way they will not have to recall what is the worth of face card, & is able to focus on recalling their math facts! For beginners, aliminate the face cards, till they’ve mastered the single digits. Cool Math Games 4 Kids

Few Variations: Multiplication Pile Up, Subtraction Pile Up – Same games, just instead of adding, you have subtraction and multiplication! Cool Math Games For Kids

Playing such fun, simple games is one of the sure fire ways towards helping your kids improve their basic math skills.

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